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Protect From Being "Beached"
Protect Your Boat from Bow to Stern.

Keel Protection              Protect

Protect your boat investment!  Eliminate costly repairs to the keel or bow area.  Wear or damage to your keel can cause the protective gelcoat finish to break down, enabling moisture to reach and damage the fiberglass laminates.

Gibbons installs the most durable keel guard available: Hamby's Protector Beaching Bumper. As important as the rub rail in protection and appearance, this 5/8" thick guard is so durable that the boat can be beached on surfaces as harsh as rock or concrete without damage to the boat or the protector.

Gibbons installs this high-quality protector so that the boat can be beached thousands of times, over many years, without damage. Taking a proactive approach by having Gibbons install this top of the line bow protector is a great investment as it prevents expensive repairs and improves the resale value of boats.

For the 'do it yourselfer' Gibbons Fiberglass also sells the Megaware KeelGuard.  The KeelGuard is an ultra-tough Polymer composite for dependable protection.  Gibbons Fiberglass can also install the Megaware KeelGuard in about an hour in the shop.



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